Welcome to our page dedicated to ranking the best olive oils in Australia. This country, globally known for its wildlife, beautiful landscapes, and regional products, also has a long-standing tradition in olive oil production. Australian producers, honouring their heritage, do not hesitate to innovate in order to produce olive oils of exceptional quality.

At the top of the rankings, we find the ultra-premium category. These olive oils, scoring between 90 and 100 in competitions, stand out for their perfect flavour, aroma, and texture. Made from the best olives, picked at the right moment, these oils are the result of consistent attention and an age-old savoir-faire.

These ultra-premium olive oils are graded A+ for scores of 95 to 100 and A for scores of 90 to 94. Their taste is rich and complex, with notes of fruit, herbs, and spices, and a smooth, creamy texture. It is the true nectar of the olive tree, a delight for olive oil lovers.

In Australia, ultra-premium olive oil producers adhere to rigorous production methods. Olives are carefully selected, handpicked, and cold-pressed only a few hours after harvesting. This way, these oils retain all their nutritional and taste qualities.

Olive oils scored between 80 and 89 are classified in the premium category. Although slightly inferior in quality to the ultra-premium olive oils, these oils also have an exceptional flavour and are the result of meticulous work.

Finally, the olive oils scored between 70 and 79 are high-quality extra virgin olive oils. They are delicious and an excellent choice for everyday use in the kitchen.

We hope this ranking helps you to discover the gastronomic treasures of Australia. These Australian olive oils are a true reflection of the diversity and richness of the Australian terroir. Whether you're an olive oil lover or just curious, we invite you to discover these exceptional products.

ULTRA PREMIUM EVOO (90/100 - 100/100)

Jef 's Blend


Fedra Olive Oil