Until today, it was not possible to make a difference between extra virgin olive oils.

Whether it is defective olive oil from the supermarket at 3 euros per litre, with an organoleptic score close to 0 or an exceptional olive oil with a score close to 100/100.

They are considered extra virgin olive oils as long as their acidity is below 0.8%. 

The appellation extra virgin olive oil, therefore, absolutely does not allow ordinary olive oils to be differentiated from exceptional olive oils.

For that reason, we have decided to bring together the best juries in all over the world, so that they test and classify the olive oils according to their organoleptic qualities.

That is to say according to their fruitiness, their intensity and their balance. 

 Their analysis has allowed us to assign a score out of 100 to the best olive oils in the world. and to give a new name to olive oils in order to finally be able to differentiate between the best olive oils.

Olive oils with a score of 90/100 to 100 out of 100 are now called:

"Ultra Premium EVOO"

 Olive oils with a score of 80/100 to 89 out of 100 are now called:

 "Premium EVOO"

Olive oils with a score of 70/100 to 79 out of 100 are therefore called now: 

 "Best EVOO"

Olive oils with a rating lower than 70 out of 100 are not classified and can consequently, considered as extra virgin olive oils if their acidity is lower than 0.8%.

This classification we have been requested by thousands of producers, who make a huge effort to produce quality olive oil, and who will finally be able to differentiate their quality olive oils from low-end olive oils.

In order to help consumers choose their olive oils wisely, the producers present in this classification will be able to affix labels with their new name directly on their bottles.

Discover the best olive oils in the world classified by category, likewise by country. 


Score between
90/100 and 100/100

 95 - 100/100 = A+

 90 - 94/100 = A


Score between
80/100 and 89/100

85 - 89/100 = B+

 80 - 84/100 = B


Score between
70/100 and 79/100

75 - 79/100 = C+

 70 - 74/100 = C